Our Approach

How We Help

Our approach concentrates on 3 principles:

Lasting change comes from a place of inspiration, not effort.

We will help you author a vision of your life that you feel pulled to move towards, rather than pushed to accomplish. We will create a safe space where you can identify the values that guide you, and support the alignment of your spending with those values.

Money and emotions can be understood - not separated.

The money stories that you inherited from your family, community and culture shape your current money beliefs and behaviors. Together we will explore the stories that keep you stuck in ways that no longer serve you.

Life balance is a necessary part of financial wellness.

We will plan for your retirement, make sure your estate plan is up to date, and see that you have adequate insurance to protect the ones you love. But financial security alone cannot buy life satisfaction and a sense of purpose. Physical, emotional and spiritual needs, as well as financial assets, are an integral part of your life portfolio.

The plan we create together will create balance in how you allocate your scarce resources of both time and money in order to experience a life you never want to retire from.

Understand Our Initial Process [What You Can Expect]

Complimentary Consultation [30 minutes]

  • Help us understand why you’ve scheduled this meeting [why are you here today?]
  • What would make this a successful relationship for you in the future?
  • What qualities do you seek when hiring a professional? [many of our clients have never hired a financial planner before!]

Complimentary Follow Up [60 minutes]

  • What additional questions do you have for us following our first visit?
  • Understand what it’s like to work with us and what you can expect
  • Let’s determine if we are the best fit for each other

Moving Forward, Together!

Discovery Meeting

  • We complete a values exercise around your financial life
  • Lay the foundation to provide the best ongoing recommendations for you

Priority Meeting

  • Let’s address the financial concern that led you here in the first place

Start Financial Planning [Quarterly Meetings]

  • Let’s build out your financial future [see below]

What’s Included in Our Service?

Noble Wealth

Cash Flow

  • Calculate your appropriate emergency fund
  • Determine what to do with surplus savings and cash flow
  • Calculate your combined bills and spending budgets
  • Layout who pays for what expense and when
  • Work toward combining finances
Noble Wealth

Savings Strategies

  • Analyze the current asset allocation of each partner
  • Determine how the allocation for individual and combined accounts fit into your overall plan
  • Determine each partner’s risk tolerance
  • Education funding analysis
Noble Wealth


  • Assess current life, disability insurance, and long-term care insurance
  • Review auto, home and umbrella policies for adequate coverage
  • Review each partner employer benefits to create a strategic household plan
  • Discuss small business insurance coverage and succession planning
Noble Wealth

Tax and Estate

  • Guidance on minimizing overall tax liability
  • Implement tax strategies [Roth conversions, investment taxation, filling up brackets]
  • Review estate plan [will, trust, power of attorney, health care directive]
  • Digital asset transfer discussions

What Else is Included?

  • Access to our financial planning technology [see video]
  • Unlimited virtual meetings, emails and phone calls as needed
  • Client educational webinars


  • An annual flat fee paid out monthly or quarterly
  • Not ready for ongoing guidance? Contact us to learn more about our project-based consulting.
Noble Wealth

Let's Talk!

We invite you to stop worrying about your money and start investing in your financial future. Let's talk about how we can help alleviate your financial concerns and guide your journey to financial freedom.